January 16, 2009

Review: American Outrage by Tim Green

As host of the TV news show American Outrage the widowed Jake Carlson is an expert at digging up the truth behind the real story. When his teenage adopted son, Sam, asks Jake to track down his birth mother Jake grudgingly agrees. Sam has been acting up in school lately and Jake thinks finding his birth mother might bring Sam some peace.

The further Jake digs the more he reveals shocking evidence of crimes including illegal baby trafficking and a long line of cover ups in one of New York’s wealthiest political families. Jake and Sam get caught up in a dangerous game with players who will stop at nothing to keep the truth from being revealed.

I enjoyed listening to the abridged version of American Outrage and thought it was a great story but just a little too predictable. I saw situations coming from a mile away and even correctly guessed the ending but I still felt that it was worth my time. Jake is endearing as the caring Dad who is trying to do right by his son and Sam is an annoying know-it-all with a “potty mouth” but Green makes it work within the story line.

What I also liked about the story is that when all was said and done, Jake got a taste of what it was like to be on the opposite end of the media spectacle. This was my first book by Tim Green and I liked it well enough that I’ll be on the lookout for more by him. I recommend this one for action lovers.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see this was good because I have another one of Tim Green's books in my TBR pile.

Ladytink_534 said...

Ugh, I generally don't care for predictable books but I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end!

Adele said...

if it's a little predictable i'd probably be inclined to go for an audio book, so i can listen while i get on with other things.