January 5, 2009

Review: Ice Tomb by Deborah Jackson

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Volcanologist, Dr. Erica Daniels, misses a unique opportunity to be a participant in an upcoming mission to the moon to establish the first moon base. As a consolation she is given an assignment in Antarctica. Deep inside a hotspot scientists have been disappearing. Paired up with a fully armed Navy Seal team Erica and the new team are sent to find the missing scientists and find out just what is really under all that ice.

Geologist, Dr. David Marsh is the scientist who landed the assignment on the moon. His goal is and has always been to come out on top no matter what the consequences are. He proved this ten years ago when he stole Erica’s college thesis and passed off two years of her work as his own. Years of telling himself that it was worth it have come down to this critical mission and he can’t afford the doubts now causing him to let his fear slip through the cracks.

What Erica finds under the ice has a surprising connection to David’s work on the moon and now she’s forced to work with him again. With the fate of the earth at stake, she has no choice but to set aside the hatred she’s carried for ten years and figure out a way to survive.

Set in 2015 Ice Tomb is a shocking thriller that takes you from the coldest place on earth to the desolate landscape of the moon. What makes this so scary to me is that the storyline seems very plausible even with the surprising ending. The technical aspects of the book are written so that they are easily understood. With books of this type it’s easy to get lost in the details but I was able to stay right on track with Jackson’s descriptions.

The characters aren’t real deep but I still felt empathy for both Erica and David. The one thing I was disappointed in was the sex scene with Erica and an archeologist on the new team. It was kind of out there with no back story between the characters. They’d only known each other for a couple of days and after the one sex scene Erica and the archeologist both claim to love each other. The archeologist goes so far as to claim that this “quickie” in an airplane bathroom was the best sex of his life. This part of the story was so out of place it was an awkward chapter that I wouldn’t have missed.

Other than that portion of the book I do recommend Ice Tomb. It was a pretty good thriller that really surprised me.


Amy said...

Sounds like a good read, just the sort of adventure I love. Maybe the author felt like she had to add that one scene? Or was told she had to add something like it?

klp1965 said...

this sounds like a really interesting book :)

lilyk said...

Thanks for the review, I'll definitely look for Ice Tomb at the book store.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw the documentary Ice People with the director and one of the geologists in the movie. It seems just about anything is possible in Antarctica when it comes to the things scientists find there.