February 12, 2024

Review: All Of Us Alone by Holly Payne-Strange

Product Description:

In the dead of night, an alien family crashes into the middle of New Mexico. Refugees from across the stars, they've only just escaped a planet wide catastrophe when they arrive on Earth. But they are not given a warm welcome.

The remnants of their crashed spacecraft are swiftly appropriated by the US military, stranding them entirely. Adapting to this unwelcoming new world becomes their only choice. Though they manage to evade the army, they are quickly pursued by

 so called ‘paranormal investigators’, who want nothing more than to catch them on camera- and expose them to the whole world. They must adjust swiftly to this new and hostile planet, where a single misstep could mean death- or worse, brutal experimentation.

As they grapple with the strangenes of Earth, they are forced to choose between their true selves and survival, deciding which pieces of their identity to relinquish for a chance at life. What must they sacrifice in order to live? And what's more, how could they even know?

Explore a captivating journey through uncharted territories, where a family's fight for survival transcends planets, and the human experience takes on a whole new hue.

My Thoughts:
I loved the storyline of aliens crash landing on earth after fleeing their home planet. We've seen this story before but this one was a fun take on what the aliens were up to while on earth and their quest to get back to the stars. The younger aliens are running around trying to get a glimpse of what humans are really like, the parents are struggling with their current reality and working on putting their destroyed ship back together and the grandparents are working hard at keeping their secret regarding why they had to flee their planet.

All in all I really enjoyed this one but I feel like it needs just a little more polish with editing and explaining more about how the aliens know everything about our planet and humans. Other than that I recommend this to anyone who loves a quick sci-fi read.