July 5, 2024

Review Mexicanos Hustle by J Benjamin Sanders

Product Description:
Glenn Helka’s business has never been what you’d call lucrative. But chasing bond jumpers and following cheating spouses pays the bills. Most of the bills. Some of the time. Occasionally.

When a woman drops a fat stack of cash on his desk to bring her wayward son home from Mexico, Glenn thinks he has it made. One tiny detail—the son is dead, and the local authorities are refusing to release his body.

Was it the money or the haunting look on the face of the bereaved mother? Maybe it was Glenn’s barely functioning moral compass finally pointing true north. Or, in this case, south to Mexico where he takes on corrupt government officials, drug-dealing hitmen, and everything the desert can throw at him.

My Thoughts:
Mexicanos Hustle was a fun noir crime mystery. Not only did Glenn have to deal with the very crooked Mexican authorities but he also had to deal with two low life thugs chasing him across the border. 

This was a fast-paced read that kept me reading late into the night. Overall I enjoyed the story and how the ending played out. 

Recommended for anyone who loves crime fiction.