June 23, 2012

Review: Getting Over Mr. Right by Chrissie Manby

Even though Ashleigh is not supposed to use Facebook at work, she logs on one afternoon and finds that her boyfriend just changed his status to single. Hurt and confused Ashleigh tries desperately to get ahold of Michael but when he ignores her calls, texts and emails she sneaks into his secure building and goes crazy on him. He’s adamant that they don’t belong together and sticks to his decision.
What follows next is a horrible downward spiral that just keeps getting worse and worse. From dressing up and stalking Michael’s new girlfriend to making a voodoo doll that she viciously abuses Ashleigh’s life turns upside down. Will she get it together before being arrested or doing harm to herself or someone else?
Okay first of all I have to say that yes in Getting Over Mr. Right Ashleigh goes way over the top with her antics but this is fiction. Plus I’m sure there really are people out there that have done the same if not more for a man and you can’t help but laugh because it’s so tragic. I took it with a grain of salt and was able to enjoy reading this book. Like most chick lit books you read this one does have a happily ever after but it’s not the one you would assume. I recommend this one for any who loves chick lit or anyone who’s gone just a little psycho over a man.


June 9, 2012

Review: The Mine by John A. Heldt

When Joel Smith and his friend decide to take a road trip from Seattle to Montana days before their college graduation, Joel has no idea how much the trip will change his future... or it is his past? Joel enters an old abandoned mine in 2000 and exits in 1941. Confused, scared and unbelieving Joel does the only thing he can think of, he heads home. But the Seattle of 1941 bears little resemblance to his home and with no money and no options Joel finds himself eating food from dumpsters and sleeping on the streets. Late one night Joel hears a guy being roughed up and jumps in to help. 

Once the dust has settled he meets Tom who befriends Joel, takes him home and gives him a job. Joel quickly acclimates to 1941 and makes friends, including his 21-year-old grandmother! Will Joel make waves that affect his own future or will he settle into the simple life of 1941? 

The Mine started off really choppy and disjointed but once Joel travelled back to 1941 the writing flowed much better and I quickly became engrossed in the story. Joel and his friends from 1941 came to life in a very real way. I had this feeling of anxiety throughout the last part of the book wondering what kinds of decisions Joel would make and how they would affect his future. I throughly enjoyed the ending and recommend this one to all sci-fi readers who love a romantic twist.