January 31, 2009

Review: Speed Demon by Erin Lynn

When we last read about sixteen-year-old Kenzie Sutcliffe she had just closed a demon portal in her shower drain by running the family minivan in the pipes. Unfortunately it created a minivan sized hole in her kitchen wall. Now she’s not only grounded but won’t be getting her drivers license until she’s eighteen.

On day one of the kitchen reconstruction she’s so creeped out by the large guy working on the wall she tries to take her breakfast cereal elsewhere in the house but her mom won’t let her. She sneaks off with her cereal and a Diet Coke to sit in the minivan. When she accidentally sprays her drink on the radio another demon portal pops open. That’s when Levi, the “good demon” who’s been staying with her family, points out that there are actually 5 demon portals and Kenzie has to figure out how to close them all permanently, with no help from him.

I definitely recommend reading the first book, Demon Envy, before picking up Speed Demon. A majority of the story references book one and it has the background on why Levi is with the family. I enjoyed Speed Demon much more than I did Demon Envy. Kenzie’s character is a little more realistic in this one and the storyline was cute.

I like the way Kenzie’s character deals with Levi and the new demon from the portal not to mention her regular teenage drama which includes boyfriend and best friend trouble. The book is also a set up for the next book which I will definitely be reading. I recommend this for teens and anyone else who loves YA books. 


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of YA books! I have a 16 year old who I think would love this book. Great review, again, probably not one I would have thought to read had it not been for your review!