January 22, 2009

Review: Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell

Courtesy of Hachette Audio

As part of the Witness Protection Program, Pietro “Bear Claw” Brnwa, is relocated from New Jersey as a mob hit man to become Dr. Peter Brown who works Manhattan Catholic, one of the city’s worst hospitals.

One morning during rounds he bumps into a patient with stomach cancer by the name of Nicholas LoBrutto. Turns out Nicholas also goes by the name of Eddy Squillante and if Peter would have know this he would have ran out the back door instead of into the hospital room. But he didn’t and Eddy gives him ultimatum… keep him alive or the mob will find out exactly what happened to Pietro Brnwa.

Told in alternating flashbacks from the present to his gruesome past Beat the Reaper is a laugh a minute thrill ride. I listened to this book on audio CDs so I got the added benefit of hearing the sarcasm and wit instead of just imagining it. Both in the past and in the present Peter goes through some amazing adventures and lives a wild life. The horrors of the hospital were so awful you can only pray that places this hopeless don’t exist in real life.

I read an article saying that Beat the Reaper is already optioned for a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio to star as Peter. I would definitely be first in line to see it and I highly recommend reading/listening to the book so when your friends start talking about it, you’ll be in the know.


bermudaonion said...

I really liked this book as I read it and it has grown on me even more.

Ladytink_534 said...

I won the audiobook of this. Looking forward to "reading" it!

Anonymous said...

I just posted my review and giveaway. I loved it too. I will add your giveaway of audio books:)

Martha Eskuchen said...

This sounds like a hoot.. and a fun book to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a winner for sure! I love reading the books before seeing the movies, but then of course the movie is a bit of a "let down" but still would rather read it first.

GirlwiththeBraids said...

My older sister has been wanting to read this book so I'll have to show her this review. It's really helpful! :D