January 24, 2009

Review: Lifelines by CJ Lyons

Courtesy of CJ Lyons

In Lifelines we meet four strong ladies who work at Angels of Mercy Medical Center in Pittsburgh. Lydia Fiore, the ER attending physician whose first day on the job may be here last when she fails to save the life of the Chief of Surgery's son who was struck by a car. Nora Halloran, the charge nurse whose relationship with her boyfriend is falling apart but Nora seems oblivious to that fact. Amanda Mason, the med student with aspirations of being a pediatrician who refuses to accept the fact that she's showing symptoms of a major illness. And perfectionist Gina Freeman, the resident who comes from a wealthy family but works to give something back.

Initially turned off by Dr. Fiore's tough exterior Nora, Amanda and Gina befriend Lydia when they realize what an excellent doctor she is. When Gina and Lydia are attacked outside of a restaurant Lydia realizes the death of the Chief of Surgery's son was no accident and Gina calls in her boyfriend, Detective Boyle, to begin investigating the murder and clear Lydia's name.

The plot is definitely planned as the first of the series. Lifelines is really the story of Dr. Fiore. The storylines of the three other women are set up but not wrapped up so you're left with major cliffhangers in regards to their stories.

I really enjoyed this one as it was fast-paced and action packed throughout the whole book. Having read this right after two books which both have medical aspects to them (the slower paced Irreplaceable and the outrageous, but still awesome, Beat the Reaper) this one was more up my alley as it was a suspense story just a little romance thrown in. To quote other reviewers, reading this is like watching your favorite episode of ER or Grey's Anatomy. I will definitely be reading book two, Warning Signs and I recommend this one for all medical thriller/romantic suspense lovers.


Alyce said...

This one sounds like fun!

Becky W. said...

I read this book early in the month and loved it too! I didn't know that there was a follow-up, so I'll have to check it out! I liked reading your review!

susan said...

I don't read this genre but then again, I'm open to trying new things. Just might pick this up.Thanks for the review.