January 22, 2009

Review: Mayhem at Mount Moosilauke by Michael Sullivan

Courtesy of Publishing Works

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Fifth grader, Escapade Johnson, is in for an adventure. His class will be going on a five hour hike up Mount Moosilauke. From the moment the class steps onto the bus to the top of the mountain Escapade and his pals Jimmy, Benny and Davy face one mishap after another some of which include “bear poop, a poisonous belt, teddy bear underwear and a peanut butter sandwich that saves the day”.

I loved this Escapade Johnson adventure just as much as I loved The Coffee Shop of the Living Dead. It's a cute story that would appeal to both girls and boys that read on a 4th-7th grade level. This was actually book one in the Escapade Johnson series but it there isn’t any disconnect from reading them out of order. Look for my review of The Witches of Belknap County in the next couple of days.