April 24, 2009

Review: Run For Your Life by James Patterson

A new killer is on the loose in New York City and Detective Michael Bennett is assigned to head up the team tasked with tracking him down. The self-proclaimed Teacher is targeting the city’s elite residents and those who cater to them. In a letter sent to the media the Teacher has a message to these people, “Remember your manners or suffer the consequences”.

But as the hunt for the Teacher intensifies Mike has another problem. All 10 of his kids have the flu and almost all of them have projectile vomit that Michael the nanny have to clean up. Soon the Teachers killing pace increases as does Michael’s frustration and complete exhaustion and the possibility of catching up to the crazed killer slips further from his grasp.

Run For Your Life is another Patterson book in the win column for me. It’s got all the aspects that made me love his Alex Cross series; a psychotic killer, a tough, handsome and dedicated police detective with a loving family at home and unwavering love from grandparent.

So many people dislike that the books are co-written saying that Patterson is a sell out but to me it just gives us more stories to love. There was only one co-written book that I didn’t like (to remain nameless). The co-writer on that one was a children’s author so that may have had something to do with it.

My review is based on the audio book read by Bobby Cannavale as Michael Bennett and the main narrator plus Dallas Roberts as the Teacher. They both did an incredible job and I love, love, love when there are two narrators. It gives the audio book so much more depth. It’s like you’re watching a movie with your eyes closed. I recommend this book to all thriller lovers to read or listen to.


bermudaonion said...

I enjoyed this one, too. I'm hoping a romance will spark between Michael and his nanny in the next one.

Unknown said...

I actually have this one to listen to. Maybe I'll do it over the weekend.


MonieG said...

I hope that they do too but he's missing Maeve so much I don't think it'll happen soon. :(

Ladytink_534 said...

Ooh very cool! Especially since it was narrated by two people I may just have to pick this one up! :) Hey do you think one author wrote the Teacher and the other everything else which is why there are two narrators?

Debs Desk said...

Thanks for the great review.

MonieG said...

Tink, I've never thought about it that way but it could be true. I'm sure JP would be the psychotic killer. LOL

Melissa said...

I read this one instead of listening to it, but I agree about audios with multiple narrators. They are the best!