April 19, 2009

Review: The Rivers Run Dry by Sibella Giorello

Courtesy of Thomas Nelson

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When Special Agent Raleigh Harmon is called in to assist the local police with a routine missing person case it quickly escalates into a special circumstances case when the mission girl is revealed to be the daughter of a rich and powerful Seattle couple. Using her forensic geologist background Raleigh gathers clues but can’t quite seem to piece everything together.

Suddenly things take a difficult turn when a ransom note arrives and suspicion turns to one of her fellow agents. Being new to the Seattle bureau she doesn’t know who to trust. To make matters worse, at home her mother’s mental condition is deteriorating and her aunt has called in her clairvoyant friend in to “help” Raleigh which only leads to more frustration as she tries to track down the kidnapper before its too late.

The Rivers Run Dry had a very slow start but after about the first quarter of the book things started to pick up nicely and I quickly finished the rest of the story. The kidnapper was a complete surprise and I love that in a mystery book. To me it shows that Giorella took her time with the plot and not just rushed through it to complete the book.

I also loved all the characters in the book. Raleigh was a tough agent but clearly still a woman and there are plenty of quirky characters thrown in to make the suspense book a lot of fun. This is a must read for suspense/thriller lovers.