April 26, 2009

Review: One Deadly Sin by Annie Solomon

Courtesy of Hachette Book Group

As A little girl Eden Swanford and her mother left Redbud, Tennessee after her father’s tragic suicide. As a grown woman she returned as Edie Swan to get her revenge on those responsible for pushing her father to his death. To prove to them that someone was on to their secret, she leaves them a black angel. A symbol they’re sure to understand… and fear.

When one of the men who receives the black angel turns up dead, Edie is almost glad but when the next man dies she begins to wonder if there’s more to the legend of the black angels than she realizes.

Believing the deaths are accidents Sheriff Holt Drennen doesn’t have any reason to suspect Edie but as the spark between the two grows bigger he uncovers information that causes him to see her in a new light. Can she really be a murderer?

This was a perfect combination of mystery, suspense and romance. Solomon certainly knows how to keep a reader turning pages. With all the intrigue I was pointing my finger at several different suspects but was never able to figure out who was killing people right under Edie and Holt’s nose.

Edie, Holt and his daughter Miranda were such a great characters. I was rooting for Edie right from the beginning and I thought it was adorable the way Miranda called Edie’s tattoo a “fattoo”. For the most part you know that romance books will almost always end in a happily ever after but One Deadly Sin wrapped everything nicely and I was genuinely happy for the characters (cheesy, I know). This is a must read for romantic suspense lovers.


Becky W. said...

Great review! I gave this 5 stars too and ordered another of Solomon's books. My review will be up shortly!

Annie Solomon said...

Hey, Monie! Just saw your review of One Deadly Sin and wanted to stop by and say thanks. Glad you enjoyed the book!