April 15, 2009

Review: Crazy Fool Kills Five by Gwen Freeman

Reviewed for I Just Finished

When freelance insurance adjuster Fifi Cutter accepted her latest job she thought completing it would be a piece of cake. She never expected a simple debunking of a workers comp claim would turn into a murder investigation.

The person in question was employed as a document clerk by the law firm of Wong, Wu & Chu when he filed the claim. In the middle of her investigation he is murdered and Fifi’s best friend who also works at Wong, Wu & Chu recommends her as his replacement when they begin a high profile case against the charter jet company that hired the ”crazy fool” that kills five.

Crazy Fool Kills Five was a fun read that I zoomed through in just one day. Freeman brings us an absolutely hilarious character in Fifi. She cracked me up from the very beginning and kept up the witty exchanges throughout the book.

This is also book two in the Fifi Cutter mystery series and a couple of incidents that I assume appeared in Murder... Suicide... Whatever... were briefly mentioned in Crazy Fool Kills Five but it’s definitely a stand alone read. I don’t see any more books in the series on the horizon but I hope I’m wrong. Fifi is too good of a character to go away. I highly recommend this one to mystery and cozy lovers.


Tigger58 said...

Crazy Fool Kills Five sounds funny. I like when I'm reading and then I just start cracking up. It makes those around you interested in what you're reading. It works the same for scary story books, they walk into the room and you jump!!!

Ladytink_534 said...

Interesting titles and cover art. I may have to see about picking up the first one.