April 5, 2009

Review: In Quest of Theta Magic by Enid Wilson

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To fulfill his dead mother’s prophecy, Dean Williams has to find and marry a woman that possesses Theta Magic who will give birth to a baby girl that can save his dying sisters life. Since his sister was the first woman born to the Williams family in 100 years he narrows his search down to a family of five girls that all posses Theta Magic in order to improve his odds.

When Mrs. Bailey learns that Dean is willing to pay handsomely for a wife she has no qualms offering up all five of her daughters for the interview and selection process. That is until she sees Dean in person. Upon seeing that Dean is horribly ugly she tries to shield her most beautiful daughter, Lara from him and offers up Elana, the smart daughter. To her relief Dean chooses Elana but for his own reasoning not hers. Within days of the marriage Elana and Lara are caught up in treachery and betrayal. Will she be able to help Dean save his sister and her own before it’s too late?

This book was so good I sped through it in one sitting. The futuristic story was unique and intriguing with great characters. I enjoyed the banter between Dean and Elana. It was witty and natural making the whole story seem genuine and it led to some pretty steamy love scenes.

The book has a great epilogue which surprised me. I thought that the storyline could be carried over into a Theta Magic series but the epilogue wraps everything up without leaving the type of cliff hangers that lead to more books. Hopefully I’m wrong and more books filled with these characters are in the works. Highly recommended for fantasy readers.


Vikke said...

I think this is a sure thing for the summer. Love those fantasy - sci fi stories. Thnakx for the review.

Annede said...

Monie, love the design on your site and great that I can click and look for all 5 stars books.

This seems a complex story and yet you enjoyed it in one siting. So I checked out the beginning chapter, hot encounter and good conversation, up on my alley. Definitely worth grabbing. Thanks. BTW, she writes a lot of sexy stuff! Luvve them! Must go back