April 4, 2009

Review: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Courtesy of Hachette Audio

Upon arriving in Hampton, North Carolina with his dog Zeus, Logan Thibault finds that his cross county walk which began in Denver, Colorodo is now over. He’s found the woman he’d been searching. His real life lucky charm.

While serving a tour in Iraq Logan found a picture of a beautiful woman. He posted it on a bulletin board and after it went unclaimed for weeks he felt a strange pull towards it and put the picture in his pocket. That same night he won more money in his poker game than he had earned as a Marine. On several more occasions Logan got lucky including being spared in a fire fight where his two best buddies were killed. Convinced the picture is what saved his life, when he returns home he is convinced that he needs to find her and begins search for her using clues gleamed from the picture.

Beth Green and her son Ben live with her grandmother Nana on the ranch where Nana runs a successful dog training facility. When the mysterious drifter applies for the low-paid job opening Beth is hesitant about the stranger but Nana hires him anyway. Little by little Logan becomes a part of their lives but when Beth’s ex-husband finds this out he does his best to run Logan out of town.

For me Nicholas Sparks’ writing is along the same lines as Danielle Steel. After you read a few books from the author the stories seem too similar to enjoy but this one really was different. The characters have much more back story than the usual Nicholas Sparks read and I enjoyed listening to this book. The way everything weaves together to the thrilling conclusion works well to make a difference in the typical boy meets girl/boy gets girl scenario.

The only reason its four stars instead of five is the forced happily ever after ending but I enjoyed the path to it. A must read for contemporary romance lovers.


Ladytink_534 said...

I usually find his books a bit too sad so I'm really cautious about which ones I pick up. This one sounds pretty good though.

bermudaonion said...

I enjoyed this book, too. I tried to get my copy signed but the crowd was so huge, I decided not to wait.