April 21, 2009

Review: Lady & The Vamp by Michelle Rowen

Product Description:

She fights.

Janie Parker’s a supernatural assassin - not by choice, but what’s a girl gonna do? The only thing standing between her and decapitation at the hands of her hellish boss is a magical artifact called The Eye. To get it, all Janie has to do is find a dark, broody vampire named Michael Quinn and take it. Easy, right? Except if Quinn keeps kissing her that way, she just might lose her head…in more ways than one.

He bites.

Former vampire hunter Michael Quinn is determined to become human again. If he grabs hold of The Eye and makes a wish - then boom, everything’s good with the world. But now Quinn has a sassy tagalong with a long, delectable neck and orders to stake him on sight. He just hopes his first bite won’t be Janie’s last moment on earth…

My Review:

I thought this third book in the Immortality Bites series was a perfect addition to the series. The book lived up to the previous two books Bitten & Smitten and Fanged & Fabulous with fun characters and a great in-depth story line. It does stand alone if you haven’t read the previous two books but I highly recommend all three for paranormal lovers.


Unknown said...

Hi Monie!

I've really got to stop reading all these reviews!

This series sounds too cute and it will have to be added to the TBB list. I love the cover art too!

Dottie :)

MonieG said...

Dottie you're right. Since I've been visiting other blogs my own wish list has grown tremendously. LOL

Enid Wilson said...

I agree with Dottie, Monie, you wet my reading appetite too much and drive my writing muse away. Haha. (I know I like to procastinate...)

The plot of the story is great, will have to get the book soon. Thanks.

Vikke said...

This sounds good. I am thinking I need to check out this series. Thnaks for the alluring review.

Ladytink_534 said...

Aw! The description made me smile. I wish my library had some of this author's books :(

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

I haven't started this series yet, but it's really good to know that it stays consistantly good. I'll have to pick up Bitten & Smitten.