February 16, 2009

Review: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

MacKayla Lane has two lives. The one before the phone call and the one after. Before the phone call she was a bartender living at home in a small southern town. After the phone call she now an only child on a quest to hunt down sister’s killer in Dublin, Ireland.

Using a cryptic cell phone message from her sister as a starting point Mac is drawn into a world she never knew existed. Mac is a sidhe-seer as was her sister. They can see and sense Fae. Turned down by the Dublin police, Mac begins investigating on her own when she runs into Jericho Barrons. A mysterious man who Mac can’t figure out which side he’s on. They team up to look for the elusive Sinsar Dubh, an all-powerful Dark Book that they must control to save the world as we know it.

My paranormal reads are usually a lot fluffier than this darker tale and I was a bit confused at first. The whole Fae concept had me off kilter because I always pictured fairies as small bright creatures with sparkly wings. Once I got the picture that there were evil fairies it was easier to understand the rest of the book.

My review is based on the MP3 audio download read by Joyce Bean. The southern belle accent was a little annoying at first but once the book progressed I could see why it would be read that way. It sets up a bigger contrast between the life Mac once had and the one she’s now living and I came to like it.

The ending is definitely a cliff-hanger meant to leave you eagerly waiting to read book 2 Bloodfever. Darkfever is a little older so book 3, Faefever, is also available and I can’t wait to read or listen to both. I recommend this one for all paranormal lovers.


Ladytink_534 said...

I tried one of this author's books in her other series and just wasn't that impressed. I've heard good things about these though.

Pam P said...

This series is darker and more complex than her other series, and I'm liking it a lot. Barron is a very mysterious, anti-hero type, intrigues me. Wait until you read the cliffhanger at the end of FaeFever, Monie.

Anonymous said...

Really!?! You didn't like the narrator? (lol) I love the whole thing. This book rocked my world - big time. I purchased the second audio since our library only had the MP3 download for books 1 & 3. I'll get on audio book II soon!