February 8, 2009

Review: Snitch by Rene Gutteridge

LVPD property crimes captain, Laura Gates, has a chance to prove to the narcotics division that keeping her off the team was a big mistake. Gates pulls together undercover task force of relatively inexperienced officers and calls upon former undercover officer, sergeant Ron Yeager to lead the team. Less than 2 years from retirement Yeager is not sure he’s the man for the job but Gates convinces him to take accept the position.

When assembled the team seems more like the Keystone cops with members like “Wiz” who has an unusually small bladder, “Dozer” who falls asleep at any given moment and “Mack” a female cop who wears her faith like a badge. Somehow Yeager has to train his team and make the bust that will bring Gates the respect she deserves in the eyes of the narcotics division.

This is second book in the Occupational Hazards series but stands alone as I have not yet read Scoop which includes Mack’s sister, Hayden. What I liked about the book is that although Mack is the character that ties the series together the story wasn’t focused solely on her. Gutteridge weaves together a great story using off the wall characters that liven up the plot with humor and wackiness throughout. It’s hard to categorize this one but I’d say if you love Christian fiction, chick lit and suspense books you’ll love this book.


Ladytink_534 said...

Lol, I like the name of the series :) I generally don't read books like this though.