February 21, 2009

Review: Fade by Lisa McMann

Dream catcher Janie and her boyfriend Cabel are back under cover at Fieldridge High. Someone left two anonymous messages on the school’s tip hotline and police believe there may be a sexual predator among the teachers.

Janie has been diligently training to better control herself while she enters the dream and nightmares of others but she’s still struggling. Cabel loves Janie in his own way but is unconsciously building a barrier between them to avoid the hurt that often comes with love. Stress pushes their relationship to the brink and Janie learns a devastating consequence to her ability that just might push one of them over the edge.

Fade is the follow up to Wake which I read last year. In my opinion Fade isn’t a standalone and I don’t recommend reading it without having read Wake first. That being said I feel that Fade is a great follow up book. Janie is trying hard to grow and improve her ability to better help the people whose dreams she falls into.

What bothered me a little was that for a teen book there were several scenes involving sex and teen drinking. They made the storyline flow but McMann was just a little too casual with the references making it all seem okay. Other than that I loved the book and the writing style of short bursts of words. It makes the suspense build quicker that way. I recommend this book if you’ve read Wake. If not they were both short one day reads that you should pick up if you love thrillers.


bermudaonion said...

It seems that sex and drinking are in teen stories more and more these days. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ladytink_534 said...

I've been seeing a lot of this and the previous novel too. They do sound very interesting!

Amy said...

i also agree, some of the language was unnecessary...
great review!