February 5, 2009

Review: Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

Nina Blackmon’s first day on the job bites. Literally. She was accidentally bitten on the hand by a vampire and wakes up the next night with fangs and a sudden craving to eat her hamster Jim.

Set on getting turned back into a human, Nina enlists the help of her friends Marty and Wanda to track down the patient who did this. When she finds the hottie-vampire, Greg Statleon, in his Long Island castle he tells her that there is no going back. She’s stuck for as a vampire forever.

What Nina also finds out is that in just a few days Greg either has to mate, tying him to one woman for eternity or turn to dust on his 500th birthday. Just when Nina convinces herself she’s the one for Greg, his sire Lisanne enters the picture to ensure the mating doesn’t happen.

I enjoyed Accidentally Dead more than the first book in the series, The Accidental Werewolf (my review). It had a quicker pace and I just loved Nina’s snarkiness. The set up and story line was still a little kooky even for a paranormal but Cassidy throws in a lot of humor to make up for it. I recommend this for those who love the “light paranormals” and look forward to the release of The Accidental Human next month to finish off the series.


Ladytink_534 said...

I so want to read this! My library doesn't have it and I can't ILL it for another couple of months. The whole series sounds so good though!

bettycd said...

Sounds like this would be a great read. Can't wait to see what twist Accidently Human will take