February 27, 2009

Review: Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

MacKayla Lane is back on the hunt for the elusive Sinsar Dubh with the help of Jericho Barrons but this time her eyes are wide open to the dark world around her. Now that she knows who killed her sister she's also on a mission to track down the dark lord and get vengeance for her sister.

Mac has shed her southern belle persona and embraced her sidhe-seer ability as she begins to understand the power she possesses. What she also learns is that in order to get closer to the Sinsar Dubh she has to become something she never imagined.

Returning in this book are V'Lane and Maluce. One takes her to the happiest place she's been in months and the other takes her to the brink of death where she returns stronger than ever before.

I enjoyed this book more than book one, Darkfever. Mac's character evolves from the ditsy rainbow loving young girl into a woman with a darker side. She still has a little growing up to do but she's made leaps and bounds since the first book.

The relationship with Barrons is also pushed right up to the edge but not yet past the point where it becomes something more which I liked. So many books I read have unbelievable relationships where the characters jump right into bed with each other.

My review is based on the audio book read by Joyce Bean. In book one I didn't really like her accent but its grown on me and I really enjoy the way she reads. It makes Mac more real to me and I also like the way she reads Jericho and V'Lane. I recommend this series to paranormal readers and I can't wait to listen to book three, Faefever.


Anonymous said...

Good Review, Monie! Must be interesting to listen to the book if there is an accent involved. Probably makes it come to life a lot more.

Ladytink_534 said...

I might try this author again one day even though my first experience with her wasn't very good. I'm glad you enjoyed this!!!