February 2, 2012

Review: Hell's Corner by David Baldacci

Camel Club member Oliver Stone wants nothing more than to lead a peaceful life under the radar as a cemetery caretaker but when he is asked by the president to take on a mission involving a Russian drug connection, Oliver has no choice but to go back to work for the government. Pondering his choices while sitting in Lafayette Park, directly across the White House, Oliver is witness to a bomb going off and suddenly he has a new task. Figuring out who planted the bomb and why.

Hell’s Corner is the fifth book in the Camel Club series which I’ve loved up to this point but this one was a little too over the top for me to enjoy. Oliver is an old man and we’re supposed to believe that there was no one else more qualified to deal with the Russians. There was an explanation that Oliver was “Old School” and those techniques were needed on this mission but I’m still not buying it. Thrown in the mission detour and fellow Camel Club members acting foolish and have to say that I think this series has jumped the shark and Baldacci needs to go back to writing the seriously twisted plots that made me a fan of his writing.