February 28, 2012

Review: Chance Escape by Lee Argus

In a world almost overun with the "infected", Ray realizes that in order to survive he has to leave the relative safety of his apartment attic and flee the city. So begins his journey to safety befriending different survivors along the way. But once he makes it to safety he just might be in even more danger than he would be on his own. Can he make it out alive and find some semblance of a real life?

The first story I read from Lee Argus was the short story The Road to Nowhere (my review). I enjoyed the story but found a few aspects too over the top. Also I thought Chance Escape was part two of the short story but it's actually a stand alone novel in the same infected world which was an awesome tie-in.

The story is your typical zombie survival adventure which is all the rage right now but Argus does a great job at writing characters who pulled at your heart strings. It was also a very believable story as far as apocalyptic stories go. I highly recommend this one for anyone who loves fast-paced thrillers.