February 5, 2012

Blog Tour: Q & A with Jennifer Haymore

Jennifer, Thank you for joining me during your blog tour and answering a few questions!! I look forward to reading SECRETS OF AN ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS.

  1. Who would you choose to play Olivia and Max in the movie version of SECRETS OF AN ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS?
    • Olivia-Dakota Fanning in a few years Max-Sam Worthington

  1. Who are your favorite authors to read?
    • I have eclectic tastes in authors and I read everything from literary fiction to romance to horror. My favorites vary at any given time. Right now, I’m enjoying reading fantasy author Jacqueline Carey.
  2. Can you tell us your best fan encounter story?
    • After my first release (A HINT OF WICKED), I figured no one knew me, but when I did my first book signing at Barnes and Noble, a fan came rushing up to me telling me how much she loved the book! I was blown away, speechless from the fact that not only had someone read it, she actually enjoyed it. It was awesome. :D
  3. How fun! You can read my review of A HINT OF WICKED here. What's next for you?
    • I'm getting 2012 started with a bang...two releases in one day! First of all, there's the ebook special, ONCE UPON A WICKED NIGHT, Donovan Book 1.5, and then there's the full-length novel, SECRETS OF AN ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS, Donovan Book 2. Both books release on February 1!
    • To celebrate, I'm going to party, and I hope you all will attend! For the whole month of February, check back at my website often for fun games, contests, and prizes. Take the quiz to see which Donovan sister you are, and win one of the fantastic prizes I'm giving away, including a $100 gift card to Victoria's Secret, books, romance baskets, and more!


JeanMP said...

Sam Worthington would be a wonderful choice for the character of Max. Great choice!

skpetal at hotmail dot com

bn1-- said...

What a fun interview!


Raonaid Luckwell said...

It's always interesting to see author's choices for their characters. I do feel bad that I don't recognize any of the names * sheepish *

Enid Wilson said...

Go Sam! I won't mind seeing him in more romantic role like Max.

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