February 24, 2012

Review: Under the Dome by Stephen King

In the small town of Chester’s Mill, Maine a pleasant fall day is suddenly disrupted by a dome appearing out of nowhere, cutting off the entire town from the outside world. No one knows why the dome came down, who made the dome appear or when it will disappear. With the dome in place the residents of “The Mill” have no choice to but to turn to the town leaders who are more crooked than any of the criminals their town has ever seen.

Fresh from reading and loving 11/22/63 (my review), I was excited about listening to Under the Dome. I wasn’t intimidated by the length even though it was over 34 hours which took me 21 days to listen to but I was sorely disappointed by the ending. Now I feel like all those hours were such a waste. The story was great in the beginning, had a good middle and a decent last part of the book but when the reason behind the dome was finally revealed I felt so let down. I’ll pass on recommending this one unless you’re one an extra-long road trip and can finish listening to it on one round trip.


bermudaonion said...

I was kind of excited to see your review since I loved 11/22/63, but I'm disappointed to see this one ends on a bad note. Thanks for the review!

Nora said...

I find that most of Kings story's have disappointing endings! :( thanks for the heads up!