September 16, 2009

Review: The Rasner Effect by Mark Rosendorf

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After a failed attempt to capture and disband a group of hired killers called The Duke Organization, Jake Scarberry is forced into the Witness Protection Program. Now all Jake has to look forward to is cleaning up after frat boys who party 24/7.

In the showdown between Jake and The Duke Organization a New York City bridge was blown up and many innocent people were killed. Luckily Rick Rasner survived the explosion but he has no memory of his former life.

After seven years have passed Rick has worked hard to remember his past but only has occasional blurry flashbacks that don't tell him anything about who he was. Now working as a therapist at Brookhill Children's Psychiatric Residence he has a chance to help others and he's drawn to fifteen-year-old Clara Blue.

The facilities director, Katherine Miller, seemingly has it in for Clara but Rick sees potential in her and sets about trying to make her life bearable while in the home but the remaining few members of The Duke Organization have finally tracked Rick down and they're coming for him sooner rather than later.

WOW! This book was a total shock. Nothing I imagined the story to be was what I expected. There are curve balls galore inside the pages but I can't reveal any of them without giving away any spoilers. There was a fast action-packed second half with a first half that gets you totally immersed in the characters. This is a must read for all suspense & thriller lovers.

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Heidi V said...

This sounds like a great one!

Thanks for the recommendation...

bermudaonion said...

This does sound good!

Toni said...

This sounds very good. Did it remind you of the Jason Bourne books?? I am automatically thinking movie!! :)

MonieG said...

It didn't click while I was reading it but now that you mention it... It is very much like the Jason Bourne series.

Mark Rosendorf said...

Monie G: I'd like to thank you for a great review and I am really glad you enjoyed The Rasner Effect. I am also happy to announce that the sequel has just been sold and is scheduled to come out in January, 2010.

I have more info on The Rasner Effect and my other upcoming writing projects on my website.

Mark Rosendorf
author of The Rasner Effect

MonieG said...

Whoo hoo. I can't wait to read the sequel. Thanks!!