September 13, 2009

Review: Ginger High by Melissa Burmester

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After her high school was burned down by a student named Fredrick, freshman Daisy Fisher is sent to attend Ginger High. She soon learns Ginger High is not an ordinary school. Only kids with special powers are allowed to attend. These kids are descended from parents who long ago came to earth from the parallel universe of Animist. Ginger High is where they will learn what their powers are and train how to use them and it turns out Fredrick is a new student there too.

When unexplained murders start taking place at the school four men, Amanta, Matthias, Brian and Taeru are sent to the school from Animist to investigate. Amanta is a healer keeping a secret from his brother, Taeru. Brian is a Tribe king in Animist and Matthias is Amanta’s best friend who has sworn to protect him.

Soon Daisy and her new friends are working with Amanta, Matthias to get to the bottom of the mysterious deaths while learning the truth about someone isn’t who he claims to be.

What really amazes me about this book is that Melissa Burmester wrote it when she was only fourteen years old. When I was fourteen all I was worried about was not wearing the same outfit to school twice in one week.

The storyline is mystery with a hint of fantasy and paranormal. A little bit of it was confusing because there is no build up or back story on the parallel world and the characters but once you get to know who is who it all falls into place. The ending is tied up nicely but it seems like it was also left open for a series or sequel. I’m hoping there is because if Burmester writes this good as a teen I can only imagine what’s next. This is a recommended read for teens and adults who like their books with just a hint of sci-fi & fantasy.

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Ladytink_534 said...

Not too crazy about the names but it sounds like an okay story!