September 5, 2009

Review: Lifeguard by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

After an embarrassing accusation ruined his teaching career in Boston, Ned Kelly fled to Florida and took a job as a lifeguard and part time caretaker of a posh Palm Beach mansion. One afternoon on the beach, he meets a beautiful woman, Tess, who he instantly connects with.

They meet for lunch and have a wonderful afternoon but soon he has to leave her. Ned’s cousin and a few good friends have an easy score and Ned is in. All he has to do is trip a few house alarms with some minor vandalism. Hoping to keep Tess as pampered as she deserved something goes terribly wrong and soon enough it’s clear that Ned’s life is in danger from more than one source.

As far as the James Patterson collaborations go this one was pretty good but not great. Ned wasn’t an endearing character and his adventure was pretty mellow compared to most of his other suspense books. Save this one as a library read or borrowed from a friend if you love suspense thrillers.

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bermudaonion said...

I remember enjoying this one when I read it, but didn't remember much of the plot.

kalea_kane said...

I enjoyed it, but I don't remember it that well either. It was a book we were let to listen to on a road trip. :) My family passes audiobooks back and forth like crazy. No one can ever remember what book belongs to what family member. :)