June 27, 2009

Review: Trouble in Elf City by Anna del C. Dye

Courtesy of I Just Finshed

Three years have passed since Adren, The Silent Warrior, met and married Dellin and made her home in the elf city of Lothia. During the past two years Adren and a special group of ladies have been meeting for “tea parties” but in reality they have all been training with The Silent Warrior.

When the previously banished Tahitans escape and come to Lothia seeking revenge against Adren’s father, Tadren, the elfs of Lothia are unable to fight back for two main reasons. Most of the elf warriors are away from the city for a training exercise and their enemy’s troops are mostly women. Based on a long standing tradition of men elfs refusing to fight women, destruction of the city seems imminent. Can The Silent Warrior and her newly formed group of masked warriors save the city from disaster when they are outnumbered thousands to one?

When I read book one in the Silent Warrior trilogy I was a little frustrated by the writing style but I can honestly say that the writing in Trouble in Elf City is much improved. The conversations flow a lot smoother and the writing seems more geared to an older audience than The Elf and the Princess was.

As in book one the story was somewhat predictable but it was a very enjoyable read. It’s great to see the way Adren and Dellin have matured in the last 3 years. The love between the two is touching and I especially liked the way Adren played match-maker with her trainees. Another thing I enjoyed was how Adren was able to keep the secret of her new warriors. It was clever and was a great surprise to the people. I will definitely be reading book three, Elfs in a Conquered Realm. I recommend the series to all fantasy readers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing the review. My DH would enjoy this book. I've been busy but wanted to say ehllo, too.

Jody in NE