June 29, 2009

Review: Undead and Unwelcome by MaryJanice Davidson

At the end of Undead and Unworthy, Queen Betsy Book 7, Betsy’s friend Antonia, a werewolf, selflessly threw herself in front of Betsy when Chief Hamlin tried to kill her. Even though the gun wasn’t loaded with silver bullets, the result was fatal. Now Betsy, her husband Eric Sinclair and her best friend Jessica are on their way to Cape Cod where they will deliver Antonia’s body to the pack of Wyndham werewolves that shunned Antonia in the first place.

Even though the pack never fully accepted Antonia, there is a lot of bitterness towards Betsy who they blame for her death and Betsy has some serious doubts about getting home without getting staked.

Meanwhile back at home trouble is brewing for Marc and Tina in the form of Betsy’s half sister Laura, the daughter of the devil herself!

First I have to say that no matter what, I am a huge Queen Betsy fan and I will continue to read each and every book in the series. Now that I have that out of the way I have to say that I was very disappointed with this book. I read it on one afternoon, in practically one sitting but there was just no “meat” to the story. I feel it just didn’t have enough of a plot to be a standalone book even with the dual storylines. It read like it a continuation of book 7 that was turned into its own book by adding the problems with Laura.

This is definitely not a standalone book in the series and I only recommend it if you’re already committed to the series like I am.

Update: I just now peeked at Amazon reviews after writing my own review. I’m not surprised that out of 21 reviews, as of today there are no 5 star reviews and the book only averages 2 ½ stars. I hope MJD takes note and gives us loyal readers a much better tale in book 9… if there is a book 9 that is.