June 5, 2009

Review: Immortal Outlaw by Lisa Hendrix

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While on a mission for his father, Steinarr the Proud along with eight other men, were cursed by the sorceress Cwen with immortality and something much worse. Each of the nine men must spend either night or day in the form of an animal. For Steinarr this meant that each night from sunset to sunrise he was cursed to roam the forests of Sherwood in the form of a lion intent on hunting down and killing any living creature near him.

Amulets with the animal of each of the nine men were scattered across the lands and well hidden by Cwen. As fellow cursed Viking Ivo de Vassy proved, finding your true mate along with the amulet is the secret to breaking the curse and growing old with the one you love.

When a chance meeting in the forest brings Steinarr face-to-face with Marian Fitzwalter he feels an instant connection. Marian has always had the ability to sense animals thoughts. Sensing a man’s thoughts for the first time, Marian sets aside her confusion at this and enlists Steinarr’s help with an important task. Marian and her brother Robin are on a quest to find and interpret clues which will lead Robin to a treasure that will prove he is worthy of inheriting the title of Lord from his late father.

But there is more than one person hoping Robin doesn’t succeed and after years of seeking solace from her defeat by Ivo the evil witch Cwen is back to ensure Steinarr’s animal side conquers over his growing love for Marian.

You can read all about Ivo’s story in Immortal Warrior. In Immortal Outlaw the basic premise of the curse, finding your true love and amulet is the same but the story is a completely different one. The interactions of Stienarr and Marian are not as hot as Ivo and Alaida but still pretty tantalizing.

What I especially loved is how Lisa wove in the beginnings of the Robin Hood and Maid Marian legend. It was an entertaining side story to the main plot line and I thought Lisa did a wonderful job at tying the two together.

I halfway wish that I wouldn’t have known about Lisa’s books until the ninth book is released so I could gobble them all up at once. From Lisa’s Q&A I learned that each book will be set in a different century leading up to the present. The wait for the next book in the Immortal Brotherhood Series, Immortal Champion, is going to be unbearable! You absolutely have to read this series if you love paranormal and historical romances. Be sure to visit Lisa’s website to enter to win a reproduction Viking amulet just like Steinarr's.


Anonymous said...

Oh Man! I want to read this one too! Fell in love with her first/last book and I've gotta read this one too. :)

Jenners said...

This sounds really interesting. And I know what you mean about finding a series and wishing you had found it at the tail end so you don't have to wait for them all to be done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I've started reading this just a few hours ago. I haven't read the first one yet (waiting on it from Amazon since I went to B&N to order it and it was out of stock *growls*) and I hope it isn't ruined by reading this first. I honestly couldn't wait to start this book, although I usually hate to start a book in a series without reading in order.

But now, you've teased me pretty bad here. lol I probably won't be able to wait for the next one either :)

MonieG said...

You won't have a problem reading them out of order. They both have similar quick descriptions about how they became immortal and the rest is reading pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I finished reading this awhile ago. It was great! I was a bit frustrated that I didn't know more about how the warriors became immortal and of the characters as written in the first book, but it was a pretty good standalone nonetheless. I have yet to start on Immortal Warrior. I have so many books I want to get to that it's difficult to choose where to begin!