June 8, 2009

The Elf and The Princess: The Silent Warrior Trilogy - Book One by Anna del C. Dye

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When Prince Paletin comes upon the city of Menarm he finds the entire population decimated by orks. Upon further investigation he finds one sole survivor, Queen Saria. The Queen is mortally wounded but manages to draft a letter and asks him for two things. One, to deliver the letter to Tadren in the elf city of Lothia and two, to find her daughter Adren, who has been training with a great warrior, and take her to Lothia also.

Paletin finds the princess and is amazed by how well trained she is. As they set out towards Lothia they discover that Menarm is not the only city to be attacked by the orks. The pair soon joins in the fight against the orks and Arden has to learn patience in quest to avenge her people. Knowing that the men in battle would never accept a woman warrior, Adren fights as The Silent Warrior, a masked fighter who never speaks.

Along the way Adren meets Dellin and falls deeply in love but when they near Lothia and meet up with Tadren they learn a horrifying truth that devastates them both.

I can’t figure out if The Elf and The Princess is a young adult book or not. The writing seems more geared towards a younger crowd but the book isn’t categorized as YA so it was a bit frustrating adjusting to the writing style. Other than that I enjoyed the premise of the story and how it ended even though I knew how it would work out from the time Adren met Dellin’s father.

The book is both a love story and an adventure story. I absolutely loved how del C. Dye chose to have Adren became The Silent Warrior to fight and prove herself. She became a respected warrior and instead of being upset that they were tricked the people rejoiced and still honored her when they found out she was a female. It was a refreshing change from the male hero and I’m hoping that in book two, Trouble in the Elf City, we get to see a different side of Adren.

I also recommend that you do a quick Google image search for orks before you start reading The Elf and The Princess. Doing that gave me a better mental picture of Adren’s enemy and I understood her anger better. I’d post a picture here but I don’t want to give anyone nightmares. LOL This is a recommended read for fantasy lovers.


Ladytink_534 said...

I think I remember orks from a couple of movies. I may have to try this but I think the writing style problem may bother me a bit.