June 4, 2009

Review: My Cat Hates You by Jim Edgar

Author's Website

Another fun kitty picture book from Jim Edgar who also wrote Bad Cat which I also loved. You can read my review here but the pictures of my own bad cats in that post were lost when my computer fried (it took losing all my special photos to learn to back up. lol) Lucky for you I have a new picture of my special kitty Rocko as he was helping to motivate me during my workout.

Back to my review... My Cat Hates you has more than 245 fun filled photos including INFAMOUS FELINE MUGSHOTS, DISOBEDIENCE SCHOOL YEARBOOK photos and cute hand-drawn illustrations by Beth McNelley.

Cats have such unique personalities and you can never convince me that dogs are smarter. You can clearly see what they're really thinking in lots of these pictures. Also there are some down right scary looking cats in this book but it's offset by plenty of oh so cute ones too.

Be sure to visit Jim Edgar's website. There is a gallery, a store, cat news and even a forum all to keep you entertained for hours. This is a must read... for cat lovers of course.


Tea said...

I love cats. My cat's name is Boots. I would love to read this book. After all, I read Marley and Me. Now I need a bad cat book.

Unknown said...

LOL! Your cat is soooo funny. I love the picture and I just love cats in general. I have two but boy do they hate each other!
I will definitely check this book out.

Ladytink_534 said...

Bad Cat is fun but I just love LOLcats! Very cute photo and you're right, cats are MUCH smarter than doggies.