June 15, 2009

Review: Jungle Jack's Wackiest, Wildest, and Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna

Courtesy of Thomas Nelson

Emmy award winning Jungle Jack Hanna put together a wonderful collection of photos and weird facts on 30 wacky animals in this colorful collection. Each page has several photos of the animals, what they eat, where they live and how big they get along with a short description of what makes that animal wacky. From a Blue-Footed Booby to a Naked Mole Rat there are some real weirdos packed into this book.

Also included is a quick 20-minute DVD with bloopers mostly from Jack’s show, Hannah’s Ark and some of his more recent adventures. I was hoping for real bloopers but it was more of a look back on things Jack has done than funny mishaps.

I shared the book with my two and eleven year-old nieces. The two year old loved looking at the pictures but lost interest in the DVD and although my eleven year-old niece reads on a much higher level than the recommended age she enjoyed both the book and the DVD. I highly recommend this one for the wacky little ones in your life.


bermudaonion said...

I love to see Jack Hanna on TV so I think I would enjoy this book!

Cindy said...

I have always like Jack Hanna! This looks like a fun book to have!


Becky W. said...

I picked up a copy of this one from Thomas Nelson too! My kiddos are 6 and 2. My 6 year old loved the information, my 2 year old was more into the pics.

I liked your review of this!

Anonymous said...

This sounds terrific. My entire family loves animals. I call us the "Critter Fanatics."


Kat Bryan said...

I have always been a fan of Jack Hanna.....gotta love all those cute animals.