May 29, 2009

Review: Reasons by Tracy Fabre

Courtesy of I Just Finished

Growing up Delphi Brent and her family spent every summer with their old family friends, the Laughlins who owned a horse ranch in Statler, Colorado. Ten years ago as the family was heading home seventeen year old Delphi was struck and injured by a hit-and-run driver. What Delphi never knew was that her father saw the license plate of the car that hit her and knew it belonged the Laughlins but didn’t see which one of the their sons was driving.

Now as an adult Delphi re-connected with Annie Laughlin and is preparing to spend another summer on the ranch before taking a two-year research assignment in Maine. To try to stop her Delphi’s parents finally reveal the truth about car belonging to the Laughlins. They never revealed the truth because Artie Laughlin died as a result of the accident and her parents didn’t want to cause any more pain.

So instead of a relaxing summer Delphi heads out to learn the truth about the accident. What she didn’t expect was an instant attraction to Tam Laughlin who very well could been the one who was driving the car that injured her.

Fabre makes Statler seem like such a beautiful place that I wanted to pack up and move there instantly. It’s a small town with wonderful characters that keep it going and incredibly scenic views.

In addition to the scenery Fabre gave the characters such distinctive traits that you can’t help getting drawn into their lives. From the bitter and jealous Noreen to the wise-cracking household help Hazel (what wonderful old names too) I enjoyed all the characters in the book, especially Tam. For one thing he’s a vet and who doesn’t love a doctor but he’s also strong, loyal to his family and friends and always manages to save the day.

The story had a bit of a slow start but it quickly picked up the pace and I enjoyed the ending. Delphi wasn’t out for revenge just the truth and it wasn’t a phony happily ever after ending but a genuine resolution. I recommend this one to all contemporary romance lovers.


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