May 10, 2009

Gray Apocalypse By James Murdoch

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In the course of one day an asteroid projected to pass a million miles from earth is suddenly redirected on a collision course with our planet. Projected to impact near Puerto Rico, this asteroid will destroy all forms of life leaving the planet free to become the home of The Breeders and their human hybrids.

Taken from an orphanage at a very young age, Michael Kendon was trained as a Directorate assassin. For many years he carried out his job with no hesitation but once Michael learned of the coming genocide he went undercover into the resistance and became a double agent.

Led by Dr. Donald Meller the resistance has a powerful weapon designed to deflect the asteroid but it’s been hidden away and when all the members of the resistance are captured and killed Michael is expected to lead the Directorate to the weapon but he has other plans.

Gray Apocalypse is the perfect blend of sci-fi and thriller. With just enough technical aspects to make it realistic the book doesn’t get lost in fantasy. It is action packed and suspenseful enough that it kept me up late into the night. I can definitely see this as a blockbuster movie staring some sexy action hero as Michael Kendon.

Be sure to visit the book website above for a sample chapter and a chilling video of what an asteroid hitting the earth would look like. Scary! Gray Apocalypse is a must read for sci-fi and thriller lovers.


Unknown said...

It does sound interesting! All the wee grays....scifi with the a twist.

Dottie :)