May 16, 2009

Review: Judge & Jury by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

All FBI agent Nick Pellisante’s hard work pays off when notorious mafia don Dominic Cavello is captured. Awaiting a trial that will surely convict him for life Cavello taunts agent Pellisante with his careless attitude.

Single mom and part-time actress Andie Echeverra, along with several other potential jurors, initially tries to get out of serving on the Cavello jury. Having been seated as juror #11 Andie rethinks the idea and steps up to the plate to fulfill her obligation as a juror.

When a horrifying incident leads to a mistrial it takes more than 6 months to re-seat a jury and begin the new trial but again Cavello is confident that he’ll be a free man soon and sets his escape plan in motion.

On leave from the FBI Pellisante takes his escape personal and makes it his goal to track down the ruthless killer. With nothing but vengeance on her mind Andie joins in the hunt.

…and my James Patterson audio book love affair comes to a screeching halt! I’ve enjoyed so many of his collaborations on audio in the last couple of months but this one was almost boring enough to put me to sleep. The action doesn’t start until the last few chapters in the book and the characters were way too bland for me. There was nothing about them to identify with and I feel that Andie’s reaction to **SPOILER ALERT - HIGHLIGHT TO READ** her son’s death was totally unrealistic. Lastly the love affair that develops between Pellisante and Andie was just too dull to be interesting. This one gets a pass from me.


bermudaonion said...

Sorry this was a disappointment. Somehow I've missed this Patterson title.

Unknown said...

This is one I haven't read yet. Hmmmm. Don't know if I will.

Dottie :)