March 15, 2009

Review: Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure DVD

Courtesy of Thomas Nelson

In the process of bringing his friend Hermie some delicious raspberries, Skeeter crashed into a tree with a mysterious symbol. He doesn't realize the significance of the symboland continues on. Once he gets to the garden he learns that Sir Sinclair M. Skeeto is scheduled to visit and share his tales of great adventure with everyone.

Sinclair is Skeeter's brother and Skeeter is none to happy that he's visiting. Sinclair has always made Skeeter feel ashamed about his crooked nose. Once Sinclair arrives the real truth behind his visit is revealed. Sinclair is looking for a treasure and the only clue he has is a mysterious symbol. Skeeter remembers seeing it but doesn't remember where and they begin the search.

During the search Skeeter learns the truth. All the time Skeeter felt ashamed of his crooked nose he thought their father loved Sinclair more. On the other hand Sinclair can't fly and because of that he thought their father always loved Skeeter more.

Once they find the tree with the symbol they work together to unlock the hiding place and find a surprise from their father worth more than all the treasure in the world.

This was a great family DVD. The moral of the story is to love yourself no matter how you look and this is taught subtly with entertainment instead of a lesson. The graphics were incredible and as good as any big screen movie. I was happy to share this movie with my nieces aged one and two who sat through the entire movie which is rare. I recommend this for all families with small children.

Bonus Features

  • Trivia Quiz
  • The Sounds of Hermie
  • Super Skeeter Sing Along
  • DVD-Rom
  • The Word of Promise Next Generation Preview
  • Trailers


    Becky W. said...

    I've never heard of this movie. But, I'm going to try to find it! I think my kids would enjoy it!