March 17, 2009

Review: The Blonde on the Train by Eleanor Lerman

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Product Description:
This stunning collection of short stories is a testament to the talent of Eleanor Lerman. From Greenwich Village in the '60s or rooftops in Manhattan to an airport in the Midwest, these everyday adventures explore the disenchantment of this world accompanied by love and hope and humor. Joan Larkin comments: "Equally attentive to the odd details of human behavior and the deep longings at their source, Lerman's stories make me want to go on reading, and leave me somehow hopeful." The Blonde on the Train evokes memories and emotions while creating new imaginings, and inspires readers to create their own adventures. Open this book you’ll be hooked!

My Review:
From the description above I really had no idea what to expect from the book other than a collection of short stories. What I found was a pretty good set of stories that are all standalone but mostly revolve around a common theme. From loving stories of friendship to a strange brush with a psychic the stories offer a peek into the lives of several different people.

One thing that happened is that after each story I had to pause and really think deeply on what I just read. The stories got better as the book progressed and I felt that each one was more meaningful than the next. My two favorite stories were the title story, The Blonde on the Train and Woodstock Again. They each shared a story of friendship but in hugely different ways. I recommend this for anyone who loves short stories with meaning.

Be sure to stop by the book website when you’re done with the book. The excerpts tab offers an extra little tidbit about each story that I really enjoyed.


Ladytink_534 said...

Interesting! I don't believe I've heard of the author before though.