March 4, 2009

Review: Compulsion by Jennifer Chase

Emily Stone works hard at keeping her identity a secret. She is a one-woman task force who uses sophisticated equipment to track down some of the most dangerous child abductors and killers. Once she tracks the evil men down she documents her finds and anonymously emails the information to the police.

When a serial killer pops up in her own small town she takes it upon her self to hunt down the killer. But somehow the killer is on to her and she becomes the hunted.

Compulsion starts out strong and I was eagerly turning the pages but about half-way through the book loses steam and starts to get a little weird. Chase throws in some clues that are meant to throw you off as to who the killer is but it doesn’t seem to do anything other than muddy the story up. The climax was actually sort of anti-climactic but the ending pulls everything together again and it turns out pretty good. I feel that with just a little more tweaking this could have been a great book but I still recommend it for all suspense and thriller lovers.


Vikke said...

Is it worth the read? It sounds like a person needs to hold interest in the middle section since you said it wraps everything up in the end. It would be worth a read so I am going to find a copy. Thanks for the honest review.