November 10, 2008

Review: Through the Storm by Lynne Spears with Lorilee Craker

Thomas Nelson Book Page
I’ll be the first one to admit it… I was hoping for a juicy tell-all before I started reading this book but right in the intro Lynne tells us that’s not what this book is. It’s mostly a look into her life that led her to make the decisions she did in regards to her children.

Overall it was an okay read but I found the book disjointed and the stories jumbled. I understand the Lynne is not a professional writer but I’ve read other memoirs with co-writers that were put together much better than Through the Storm was. All lot of what’s written is repeated a couple of times in the book and oftentimes within the next paragraph.

I felt Lynne’s emotion trying to burst through the pages but it just didn’t quite make it and this made a lot of the writing seem forced and unnatural. I also felt this way about the Christian aspects of the book. Her faith just didn’t ring true to me.

What was especially shocking to me, was how Lynne glossed over the fact that at aged twenty-one while driving her brother to the ER she accidentally hit a twelve year old on his bike and he later died. To me this would have been a devastating, life changing event but it was mentioned over one or two paragraphs then not mentioned again.

Reading this book did change my view on the Spears family and I’m glad I read it but I just wish it was put together in a more organized fashion. As far as my recommendation goes I’d say read it if you come across it but don’t run out and pick it up expecting and “insider’s look” at the Britney’s life.