November 27, 2008

Review: Santa Responds by Santa Claus

He's Had Enough...and He's Writing Back!

Product Description:

Ever wonder what Santa does with all those letters? (And all those cookies?) After a particularly long, cold night staring at nine smelly reindeer butts, the old man lets loose with the real answers to those stupid, whiny, hard-to-read letters from kids. Turns out, we really do get what we deserve.

Dear Billy,

I know you honestly believe that the good deeds you rattled off represent your behavior for the entire past year rather than the activities that occurred during the two hours leading up to the writing of this letter. Two hours of good behavior hardly justifies a new Playstation, let alone a trip to Disney World!!

Your pal,


The book realy did make me laugh out loud in parts. Some of the responses are too funny, especially the one liners. My favorite features a 3 page letter from Paige and Santa's response is "Dear Paige, When did you turn into such a little bit**? Your Friend, Santa"

The one thing that keeps me from rating the book higher than 3 stars is the fact that after the first few letters, Santa's responses start to become too similiar. I would have liked a little more variety but otherwise I do recommend picking this one up. And just in case you were unsure, this is not a children's book. LOL


Anonymous said...

I agree. The book was fun at the beginning, but the concept got old before I was through with the book.

Jennifer said...

I think this sounds like a fun book! I love books that make me laugh out loud.

Adele said...

might stick this in my husbands stocking. He loves christmas.

Wrighty said...

I had most of the same thoughts. The book was funny but a little goes a long way. It's better in small doses. I got some of these in an email last year but only 3 or 4 and they seemed funnier that way. Nice review!

Anonymous said...

Loved your review of Santa Responds - makes me want to go out and get it for my grandson - don't think he gets the "being good"

Anonymous said...

I got tired of this one quickly! Like you said, after a handful of letters it got repetitive and a bit too snarky for me.