November 21, 2008

Review: The Pre-Nup by Beth Hendrick

Life should have been happily ever after for friends Ellie, Jen & Mara but sadly that wasn’t the case.

Ellie had the picture perfect marriage to Michael complete with wealth, a 3-year old daughter and beloved in-laws. Late one night, Ellie picks up Michael’s phone and sees an email that shakes her to the core. Her perfect marriage is a sham. Michael has been cheating on her and with a hot doctor no less. When the cards are on the table Michael tries to weasel out of his obligations by hiding his true net worth from the lawyers and claiming poverty. Ellie has to find a way to reveal the truth and secure her daughter’s future.

Jen’s marriage is just the opposite. Her husband Eric entered into their marriage knowing that Jen loved him but wasn’t in love with him. As a wedding gift Eric bank rolled Jen’s start up business with a stipulation in the pre-nup that if they divorce before their five year anniversary, Eric owns half the company and Jen has to pay back his investment. Now with the business on the brink of national success, Eric has realized that he was wrong into thinking he could make the marriage work and Jen is left wondering what’s more important; success or her marriage?

Mara and Josh both agree that they’re not going to divorce but they realize that protecting themselves with a pre-nup makes sense. But when Josh adds a “cheating clause” Mara is offended and ends the best relationship she’s ever had. Will she get over the hurt? And if she knows she’s not going to cheat, why did the clause bother her so much?

I absolutely loved The Pre-Nup. The characters were fully developed and well written. I couldn’t help but become a part of their lives and wish that the book didn’t end. Not only is the book about the marriages and relationships but it’s about the lasting bonds of friendship. These girls truly do stick together through thick and thin and all the fun in between while keeping the door open to welcome a new friend.

This is the first book by Beth Kendrick that I’ve read but I’m sure that I’ll go back and read her others. I recommend this book to all lovers of contemporary romance and chick-lit.


Anonymous said...

I love reading books then you're sad they've ended, that's a good read, I'm putting this one on my wish list.