November 14, 2008

Review: Going Down by Nicci Talbot

Courtesy of Amorata Press and Mini Book Expo.

I’ve never been one of those girls that say “eeeww” when it comes to oral sex so I was super excited to read this book and it didn’t disappoint. The information is great for those who are both experienced and reluctant. You get tips, techniques and instruction for giving him a mind blowing BJ.

Not only is the book good for women but if your man has any hesitation about trying new things the book gives you information on how to get him to relax and open up to new experiences. There are plenty of full color pictures to go along with the expert advice.

You’ll learn which hot spots are guaranteed to drive your man wild (I can confirm that stimulating these spots really does work ;) ), exercises to strengthen and stretch your mouth and tongue, how to turn your mouth into a warm playground and much, much more.

Needless to say I enjoyed the book but I also passed it around to a couple of my friends and shared it with my husband and all of us agree the book is fun and entertaining while being educational at the same time. I recommend this book for all women who want to have their men begging for more.


Kathleen said...

Oh man do I wish I'd seen the offer of this book at Mini Book Expo, I would have loved to read it. LOL Great review!

ChristyJan said...

I enjoyed your review ~ my husband would love it if I got a copy of this book ~ knowing him, he'll probably give it to me for Christmas.