January 25, 2012

Review: The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells

Half vampire, half mage Sabina Kane was raised by her grandmother who just happens to be the leader of the Dominae council which controls all vamps. Recently Sabina learned that her grandmother was actually trying to kill her so she flees to the east coast. Sabina learned that she has a twin sister there, Maisie who was raised as a mage. In the middle of learning to use and control her mage powers Sabina steps right into a heap of trouble when she's out for a midnight snack. And on top of that, things are looking more and more like war with the Dominae is inevitable and Sabina suddenly becomes the target of someone who will stop at nothing to see her dead.

The Mage in Black is book two of the Sabina Kane series. I really didn't remember much about book one in the series, Red-Headed Stepchild, so I went back and read my review to refresh my memory before starting this book. I gave book one a glowing five star review and was disappointed that I couldn't give this one the same.

Sabina was too stereotypically vampy in this one. She was tough and kick ass in the first book but in this one she ran across one obstacle after another. Plus being an assassin it doesn't make any sense that she would regret a killing to the point where she pukes just remembering it just because the kill was done using her newly forming magic. It just didn't mesh with the character I remember.

Another disappointment with this book was Sabina's demon familiar, Giguhl. In book one he was wise cracking and loved the home shopping network. In this one he's kind of whiny, strains his groin and falls sappily in love. Nothing seemed to work together as well as it did in the first one.

I'm hoping the next book in the series, Green-Eyed Demon pulls it all back together otherwise I'll be quitting this series. I liked the book but I'll hold off my recommendation until I read the third book in the series.


whitewolfreads said...

I've been really meaning to get started on this series for a while now but just haven't found the time! Thanks for the review, I hope I enjoy book one as much as you did!