January 1, 2012

Review: 11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King

One afternoon Jake Epping receives a frantic call from his friend Al Templeton, who owns Al's Diner. Jake rushes to the diner and finds Al has changed literally overnight. In less than 24 hours Al has aged and lost a tremendous amount of weight. Sadly Al also shared the news that he has cancer. Dumbstruck by this Jake is reeling. But that's not all. Al confesses the reason for his changes. In the storeroom of the diner there is a portal to 1958.

Every visit through the portal lasts only two minutes in present time no matter how much time you spend in 1958 and each time you go back, the past resets to the same place and time so you end up repeating history. But you can also change it and that's what Al was trying to do. He wanted to prevent the assassination of JFK but the cancer diagnosis forced him back to 2011. Now it's up to Jake to head back to 1958 and change our history forever.

11/22/63 is an outstanding book!! I was mesmerized by Jake's adventures in the past and I had to stop myself from jumping to the end so I can find out if Jake was successful or not and what the present was like if he was. I was hanging on every word and could not get through the book fast enough. Being written by Stephen King, I kept expecting a horror element to pop up but the book is in no way horror. It's part sci-fi, part romance and part suspense. I highly recommend this one for all readers.


bermudaonion said...

I'll be reading this with my book club soon. Happy New Year!

Some Lucky Dog said...

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors! I'll be looking for this one. Thanks for the review!