November 9, 2009

Review : Heat Wave by Richard Castle

During a hot spell in New York City, a real estate tycoon plunges down 6 stories to his death prompting reporter Jameson Rook to croon, “It’s Raining Men. Hallelujah.” Quickly silenced by a look from homicide detective Nikki Heat, Rook becomes an observer once again. He is allowed full access to ride along with Heat and her team by the mayor but can’t keep his inquisitive mind from getting him in trouble with Heat time after time.

This book was so much fun. The author Richard Castle and his muse Kate Beckett are a part of the hit TV show, Castle, on ABC. Besides having a page-turning mystery you also get sucked into the book by wondering who the author really is. Speculation has been that it’s either James Patterson or Stephen J. Cannell since they’ve both guest starred on Castle more than once. Having read and loved most of both author’s works I have to say that the writing style in the book doesn’t fit with either author so I’m left wondering.

As a fan of the show I got so into this book because the characters in Heat Wave are all based on characters in Castle and I could clearly picture them all in my head. The repartee between Heat and Rook was entertaining and I loved that it led somewhere it hasn’t yet on the show. Now we really know what goes on in Castle’s mind and I love it.

Even if you’re not watching Castle, which you totally should, this is a recommended read if you love mysteries and thrillers. I hope Castle or whoever the author is writes more books with Heat and Rook.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review.

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bermudaonion said...

I'll probably get this for my husband for Christmas since he loves Castle.

Becky W. said...

Well said! I loved this book too, but I totally am addicted to the show.

A friend of mine picked this up to read and didn't finish. She didn't feel the link to the characters since she's never seen the show. She didn't finish it.

holdenj said...

Great to hear! I've been telling people it's on my Christmas list!