November 15, 2009

Review: One True Theory of Love by Laura Fitzgerald

Single mother to nine-year-old Henry, Meg has been on her own since the day she told her husband she was pregnant. That same day he told her was seeing someone else and he walked out of her life and hasn’t been back since.

For nine years it has been just Henry and Meg struggling through life but a chance encounter at Lulu’s CafĂ© changes their life when the outrageously handsome Ahmed wants Meg to take a leap of faith and allow him into their lives. Initially Meg fends off Ahmed’s advances but then Meg remembers her own theory on life. Just like the Hokey-Pokey you have to throw your whole self into life to be truly happy and she decides to let him in.

With her own failed marriage, her sister’s unhappy marriage, her parents on the verge of divorce and blast from the past in the form of a phone call from her ex-husband can Meg really find true love the second time around?

One True Theory of Love really snuck up on me. It took me a while to get through the beginning of the book but the last 2/3 of it made up for the slow start. By the end of the book I had cried twice (but according to my book club friends, I was the only one who did LOL). It was surprising that I was so drawn in by the characters that it affected so much but this was a charming romance that took truly gave me a much needed break from the realities of life. I highly recommend this one for anyone who loves a happy ending.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, it sounds like such a heart-wrenching book. Meg sounds like an amazing character. I'm glad it has a happy ending. Great review!

Enid Wilson said...

This sounds heart wretching. And 2nd chance romance is one of my favourites too.

Bargain with the Devil

bermudaonion said...

I'm not crazy about romance novels, but I do love a happy ending, so I'd probably give this one a go.