July 18, 2009

Review: At First Sight by Stephen J. Cannell

With a total value of $600 million at its peak, BestMarket.com made Chick Best a millionaire. But now his company hemorrhaging money, his wife is screwing her personal trainer and his sixteen-year-old daughter is zoned out on drugs. Despite all that the family takes their annual post Christmas trip to Maui and there Chick meets the woman who will change his life forever.

Instantly upon seeing Paige Ellis step out of the pool Chick becomes obsessed with her despite the fact that they are both married. Over the next year Chick’s obsession grows deadly and he will stop at nothing to posses Paige.

At First Sight was supremely creepy but I loved it! Chick rationalized all his crazy thoughts and actions and Cannell does it so well you almost start to sympathize with the psycho.

My review is based on the audio version narrated by Scott Brick who did an amazing job bringing Chick to life. This was a great read that I recommend to all suspense readers.

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Beth (BBRB) said...

Interesting! I love his stuff and I'll have to check this out! Thanks for the review!

kalea_kane said...

OOOOH. Sounds totally intense!!!!

Icedream said...

I haven't read a Cannell book in a long time and I don't know why. He's a great writer (great screenwriter too). Thank for the reminder, I'll have to see if my library has this one.
BTW- I am passing on an award to you, it's at:

Anonymous said...

Now, this sounds like something I would get into and read in one sitting. Ah, the power of a beautiful woman!


Kat Bryan said...

I like creepy stories or those with a twist. This one sounds good.

spike said...

Stephen J. Cannell is such a great writer - I love his stuff!. This looks like a great read for my ucoming flight.