July 12, 2009

Review: Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace - MaryJanice Davidson & Anthony Alongi

Jennifer Scales is not your typical teenager. Seriously… she’s a weredragon and typically weredragons don’t morph for the first time until they’re sixteen. That’s the reason why at fourteen Jennifer was oblivious to her family secret. But being half human and half weredragon makes Jennifer extra special and when she starts showing some extraordinary talents her parents decide to tell her the truth.

Shocked and scared Jennifer runs away but wouldn’t you know it this is when she morphs for the first time. Her parents found her in the nick of time and rush her to her grandfather’s secluded home.

There her father trains Jennifer on how to use her new abilities. Every crescent moon Jennifer will shift into weredragon form for five days and with both beaststalkers and werachnids hunting her kind down there is much to learn. The hunters and dragons alike are in search of the Ancient Furnace. A machine that breathes fire but instead of destruction the furnace grows trees which will forge a magical refuge for the weredragons. But will Jennifer learn enough to defend herself when someone close to her betrays her?

So the premise is a bit weirder than I thought but Davidson and Alongi gave us a pretty good collaboration. I hadn’t read the product description when I signed up to read books one and two in the Jennifer Scales series. I based my decision on the fact that I love all of MJ’s other books. I really enjoyed the weredragon and beaststalker aspects of the story but when you throw in the werachnids it gets a little strange.

I liked the teen voice that they authors capture but feel the interactions with Jennifer’s friends could have been more realistic. The friendships seem a bit stiff for longtime friends and new crushes. Overall this is a recommended read if you like YA fiction.

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